Project Healthy

Y’all I am not living my healthiest life. There is no other way to put it. I sit and work 8 hours a day. I spend another hour and a half driving. I eat out WAY too much because I am always on the run. I’m always exhausted and feel like crap. I’ve tried the fad diets, the pills, the bs that goes around Facebook and Pinterest. The shakes that lets all be honest are too expensive and taste like crap. It’s time for a major lifestyle change.

So what did I do? I met with a nutritionist that specializes in my medical needs and joined a 12 week one on one program with her. I also joined a gym. I may die y’all. Seriously.

After meeting with L, my nutritionist, I didn’t realize that my endocrine system played such a massive part in my journey. I have a history pituitary tumors but it never hit me how much it was a part of things. A biggie for me is cutting out all added hormones. So I’m starting with going organic, quitting my nasty awful insane Coca Cola habit and staying on the meal plan she provided.

This morning, I have a massive caffeine headache and I feel like crap. I am drinking water like there’s a drought coming and I want a nap. THIS WILL BE WORTH IT. I just have to keep telling myself that right….