Is It Fall Yet?

Only just a handful of days left until my most favorite time of the year! Pumpkins and mums, football and scarves, leggings and flannel, coffee and well… more coffee, and most importantly of all.. it’s time for the Canton Flea Market y’all. -I think it’s something about the excitement of something new, something laid back, … More Is It Fall Yet?

For nine long, painful years, my husband and I attempted to conceive. It was the most heartbreaking journey I have ever been on. I lost friends. I lost hope. Somewhere, I even lost myself. When you are so desperate to conceive and are unable to, it can become a very lonely journey. Everyone wants to … More

10 Things About Me

I’m married! We’ve been married for just over 10 years. You’ll hear me talk about the husband a good bit I’m sure. Most of my life revolves around taking care of him as much as he swears it doesn’t. He forgot how to do anything in this house the day we got married! We have … More 10 Things About Me

It’s Not Time to Celebrate. I’m Not Done YET!

I graduated from East. I earned my associates degree. There was no hoopla.There were no tacky balloons. There was no cheering. There was no “I’m so proud” moments. I never walked across the stage. I graduated and that’s what was important. I received my diploma in the mail and felt really awkward when my husband … More It’s Not Time to Celebrate. I’m Not Done YET!