More Than a Memory

Sometimes there’s a song that just reaches out and is everything you needed in that moment. Right now… There are two songs playing that role for me. The memories that it brings to mind are some I needed to remember today. Some people, some places, some things are meant to be a portion of our … More More Than a Memory

Just Walk Away

No matter what you do in life, you will never be enough for some people. Some will walk away from you. Others will seek out to twist and turn every single thing that you do to make you look like the most awful person. Guess what? It will have NOTHING to do with you. Not … More Just Walk Away

Speaking with Intention

Do you remember the older church ladies growing up? The ones that took their time when they spoke?  The ones that seemed to choose each word they allow to slip past their lips, even in the simplest conversations? Those ladies spoke with intention.

Twists in the Road

On a random whim, I reached out to my former reproductive endocrinologist, the one we walked away from two years ago. When my RE requested we come in, I was almost aggrivated. It took me over a week to make the appointment. Yet, I found myself walking through those beautiful glass doors. The staff that … More Twists in the Road