Our IVF Journey


Well, we got the AMH scores back today and we got the okay for IVF. Now to find, $24,500. 🤦🏻‍♀️


So we had our Parryscope test done. Dr. P used the word “obliterated” in regards to my tubes, along with polyps, and scaring it’s been determined IVF is definitely the only way I will have natural children. Now we just wait on the AMH results for the full go ahead.


So, before we moved to IVF, Dr. P wanted to try one round of Clomid and Letrozole mixed. This last week I’ve been taking Clomid and letrozole as prescribed. When I tell you the Clomid struggle is real, I MEAN IT IS REAL! I have sat on the floor and sobbed because our government is falling apart while everyone continues fighting (Note: I am not big into politics.) I cried because I had no one to talk to. I refused to speak to anyone because they all made me rage when I did converse with them, but I just needed someone to talk to. I had a full rage fit bc my coworker said good morning. Like turned red, got hot, and became irrationally angry. Thankfully I was aware enough to realize that I was irrational or unreasonable and ridiculous due to the hormones. It has been rough!!!! For me, Clomid won’t make a difference where it is supposed to, but it sure knows how to make you feel crazy!

We met two weeks ago with our new doctor. Let me say- that it was a 180-degree difference between our last doctor and his office. From the moment I called, these ladies were supportive, hopeful, and encouraging. Dr. P was so awesome! So I went this week for our first bloodwork, and we have more testing later this week. We are excited and hopeful!

Several years back, we worked with a different reproductive endocrinologist. We did not have any success while working with this clinic. My doctor dismissed my concerns while the prices were astronomical. We choose to switch gears and looked at adopting through foster care. After seven foster loves reunified with their biological families, the last of which had been with us for over two years. We were heartbroken. We decided to look at IVF once again while still keeping our home for fostering. So here we go with our IVF journey… Take-Two.