There is literally nothing more in life that I hate than when someone gets hateful with you for no reason. If you can’t be nice, just walk away. Don’t be rude, or go out of your way to be ugly. No one likes it when you do that.

I get it though. We all have those days, heck I have even been the one in that position before. Maybe you have been too. Truth be told, we will both probably be in that position again. The difference is when you catch yourself being that bitchy person to someone else, you have to be able to stop yourself. You have to be able to say, “Hey, they don’t deserve this and this is a me issue. I have to stop and redirect.”

Moms, let’s be real honest for a second. We expect our kids to redirect just like that. If we expect it from them, why aren’t we modeling it? Why do we make excuses for ourselves, yet we don’t excuse our kids or others? Before we point fingers and make excuses, maybe we need to learn to take a break. Step away, put yourself in an adult level time out and come back to whatever the situation is after we have had a moment to recollect and check ourselves.

Sometimes, that is what we have to do, it may not be the way the angry hateful smartass inside of us wants to be, but it’s the way the adult woman in us has to be.

Sis, give yourself the grace to understand that you aren’t perfect. Sometimes we fall into traps and situations like these but they do not define us. we are allowed to step away to recollect ourselves and it’s okay. It’s okay if we fail and have to eat a little crow. The thing that matters is that we use every opportunity to learn and grow and get better,

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