There is so much I’ve wanted to write lately but in all honestly… I’m a mess. My whole life is up in the air and we are just waiting to see what happens. My house is a wreck, my car needs to be cleaned out, I haven’t reset my budget for the new year and I’m literally coming home to cook, eat and go straight to bed most nights.

This is our reality. Right now, real life doesn’t look like an Instagram post. I am tired of feeling like I’m always trying to catch up , so…. I’m doing the only thing I know to do…

I’m cutting the radio on, I’m throwing my leggings on, putting my hair in a bun and getting to work. The best advice my mama ever gave me was to start in a corner and work your way back out. Whether it’s cleaning house, paying off debt, or dealing with life- best advice. Hands down.

So what does your reality look like right now? And are you being honest with yourself about the reality of it?

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