Sis, Take a Step Back

Sometimes, it serves us better to step away than it does to stay in situations that no longer serve us joy. Whether it be friendships, work, relationships or even dealing with our own issues, there are times when we need a break to find clarity.
It’s amazing what we can discover with just a little bit of clarity. We can see how toxic some people were, how much we miss others. We can see our faults, where we need to set boundaries, and so much that we just aren’t able to see clearly when we are in the emotions of a situation.
There are times, that I have stepped back from a friendship to view it from a new perspective. Some a few days, some a bit longer. Once I stepped away from for over a year before I was able to find clarity in the situation.
See so many times, we get ourselves into places and situations where we lose control from our logical brain to our emotions. When we do this, we typically see major blow-ups occur that we later look back on and think… HOW did it even get to that point? Let’s look at as the situation we are in is a fire. If we throw gasoline, or rather our emotions, at the fire- it’s going to explode. However, if we slowly put wood, or logic, on the fire, it will continue to burn. So if we want a relationship to move forward, we have to use logic vs emotions. Just like gasoline and wood have their places, so does logic and emotion. However, we have to learn how to use each in its rightful place so that we can better control ourselves, and better achieve the results that we want in the situations that we find ourselves in.

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