You are Responsible for You Boo.

I’m in a current situation where tensions and emotions run high. The overall condition has everyone involved that naturally would not know one another’s name, yet here we are, all bound together in this intense situation with ultimately the same goal, but all are wanting very different paths. No one in this situation is concerned with my feelings. My feelings are a nuisance to everyone else because they either stand in their way of what they want or complicate their job. Therefore, it is my own responsibility to handle things so that my needs are met. In doing so, I have to continually remind myself that I am only responsible for myself. I am not responsible for other people’s feelings. We are all accountable for our own choices and the outcomes of those choices.

See, you can’t take on those things for other people. When you do, you hurt them by teaching them that if they whine loud enough, someone will come to their aid, and they don’t have to pick themselves up by the bootstraps. You always place yourself in a situation when you are bound to become overwhelmed, burned out, and resentful. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, doesn’t it to you?

Instead, we set our boundaries to take care of our own needs and see that they are met. We find compromises with others without jeopardizing those boundaries we have put in place. However, when we release ourselves from the pressures of feeling responsible for others’ emotions, we free ourselves of that guilt and allow ourselves self-healing and self-love.
When we set these ideas into actions in motion, we can change the course of events, but more importantly, we can change our actions and emotions and THAT is what is most important in any situation.

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