Getting Healthy- Vitamins

So ladies and gents I’m sharing this because it is part of my own personal journey towards living a more healthy lifestyle.

Check out Care/Of Vitamins! These are awesome little personalized packs of vitamins that you can rip off each morning, throw them in your bag and take them when you get a chance. Literally for me- mornings with two toddlers is like pure murder trying to get the kids and myself dressed and everyone out of the house. I don’t have time to even make a cup of coffee or take my vitamins.

This site gives you a quiz, lets you customize it the way you want, shows you their recommendations, and puts it all together for you.

One thing I personally liked was that I blocked out fish. I hate being told to take those nasty stinky fish oil vitamins that make you gag. I didn’t even KNOW there was a veggie alternative- and they recommended it for me. Yay!

So here’s my life. In full disclosure I get points when you take the quiz or make a purchase (only points towards free product- no cash). This is something I am trying… check it out and see if its something you might like to try too!

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