Have you ever gotten to the point where you hit the wall? Where you finally said you know what- I will NOT be treated this way any longer? Y’all I am there. I am there NOW. For literal months I have taken and taken mistreatment. I have accepted the words, the criticism, the nasty attitudes. I have internalized them and felt like I deserved them. However, I don’t. I don’t deserve crap treatment by people that are miserable in their own lives and take it out on others and neither do you!
What is it in our culture, that people think this behavior is okay? When did this become acceptable? When did we get the mindset that we have to be nice to people that treat us like crap? As girls, we are told constantly that we have to be sweet. Be kind. Treat others as you want to be treated. Yet other people spew their self-hate and generational curses all over us and we are left to clean up their mess.
Boundaries sisters. Set those boundaries and show these people that there is a LINE and you will put them back in their place when they cross it. It doesn’t make you mean. It doesn’t make you unkind. It doesn’t make you hateful in return. It shows that you have self-love, self-preservation, and a backbone to stand up for yourself.
Share in the comments a time when you felt like you were going through this as well!

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