Bouncing Back from Burnout

Through the MESS that has been otherwise known as 2020, I have been running through some of the most stressful times. Not only has work been on overload, tensions have been high, disruptions to our entire families routines, unexpected changes in our family plans, combined with the chaos that has been happening in our world, I’ve found myself suffering from burnout. Are you there too????

Maybe you’re experiencing it and you don’t even have the words to explain what you feel. So let’s look at exactly what being burned out means? Its a mental and physical exhaustion due to prolonged stress. Its oftentimes so complex that the only way we can even explain it is by saying , “I’m just tired.”

Having so many of our outlets restricted if not completely taken away, has certainly contributed to so many experiencing burnout lately. Disruptions to routines and uncertainty of what to expect in the future, and this has been ongoing for months. It doesn’t have to be one specific thing that pushes you to the edge. It can be everything that you’re experiencing combined. Perhaps its family and home responsibilities, perhaps its work, perhaps its an unexpected situation in your life. It doesn’t really matter, when you are exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally- it’s hard to bounce back.

Sometimes, burnout can last a few weeks, sometimes a few years. It just depends on what level you get to. This is why self care is so important. When you reach this point of staying stressed out, self care is less luxury and more self preservation.

Having lived in this state the last few months- all I can say is y’all I’m tired!

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