Handling Our Reactions

I was speaking to a friend a few days ago, and a comment was made that hurt my feelings. It wasn’t so much what was said, but rather how it came across. I quickly replied with a response I should have handled much better, and it made a small rift much more than necessary. Have you ever reacted a bit too harshly in your words when you felt someone misspoke to you? We’ve all been there.

I know in this situation, I was ultimately at fault. I am not responsible for the words of others, but I am responsible for my reaction. In this case, I didn’t handle it well. We often find ourselves in a place of reacting from emotion rather than stopping and allowing logic to step in and calm a situation. When we use logic rather than emotion, we can quickly extinguish these types of situations and stop anxiety before it evens starts. As you go about your day today, consider this in how you respond to others. See if it doesn’t help to calm yourself and your anxieties in return.

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