A few years ago, I spoke with a friend about the possibility of becoming a life coach. We both agreed how amazing that would be. However, we also were struggling to cover bills and the cost of the courses were a bit too much. Transparency y’all!

Fast forward a few years, I’m one semester shy of a bachelors degree in psychology and social work from Mississippi State. I mention this pipe dream to a friend just in conversation and she literally screamed at me. “DO IT!!!” Well, one night, when I wasn’t able to sleep feeling stuck in my every day life, I got off my butt and I did it. I paid for the courses. I worked my behind off and I got my certification. Sometimes, even when you have all of the tools in your toolbox of life, you just need that encouragement. So here I am. A certified life coach, on her way to becoming a licensed counselor as well.

You’ll see a bit of new options and info on LallieLee.com, I’ve added a Life Coaching page where you can book your appointment with me! I’ve also added a Tarot Reading page where you are welcome to book a session with myself, or the amazing and talented Mae. We both accept Venmo or Paypal prior to each session.

For my life coaching and tarot clients, I have an app, Nudge, that we meet through. You will also have your own unique and secure login and as a client will also receive The Daily Dose articles that I write.

Please celebrate the new beginnings with me!!!

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    1. Thanks so much! My biggest asset has been getting my degree. I have my AA in social work and I will have my BA in psychology and social work this May. I strongly encourage everyone to consider both! While taking a semester off, I searched through life coaching courses and found one that worked for me. I’ll do a post soon with a bit more information!


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