Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety sucks. There are no if, and or buts about it. Anxiety is difficult to live with and even harder to overcome. However, it is possible to overcome it- you just have to do the work.

Your anxiety will not go away until you understand that you have to dig down deep and find what in your past is causing so much fear in your present. Once you find that fear, you have to learn to work through the root cause so that you can let it go. Your spirit guides are going to keep you in a holding pattern until you can let go of that fear.

For some of us, its the fear of repeating mistakes, its the fear of failure, or its the fear of being hurt again. What we all have to realize though is that nothing in life is guaranteed. You can have everything you always dreamed of, but you could also lose it in an instance.

Understanding that you have the skills and ability to come back from anything that life throws at you that gives us the security we need. Its the ability to overcome loss, hurt, and grief. It’s losing every material possession and knowing that it’s okay because we have the skills and ability to rebuild the life we lost.

Once you understand, that everything you need to survive is within you, that anxiety is going to begin to fade into the past. You are going to be able to replace that fear, with the confidence that you can handle it. You just have to face the cause of that fear first to find that confidence in yourself.

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