Covid-19 Crisis 2020

I will admit, there are times that I look forward to silence at work on a Monday morning. With two wild toddler boys at home, weekends are often filled with chaos and lots of noise! Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of hugs and love and amazing moments with my boys. i adore and cherish my time with them. However, there is also a sweet peace of silence after days of having little hands and feet climb all over you.

So when Clovid-19 brought our word to a halt, deciding to work from home meant that my entire family would be home everyday. It meant that we would have to re-arrange our lives so that my husband and I could both work from home while doing our best to keep our kids in a routine and learning!

Here is how we are taming the chaos!

We are time blocking. Six blocks during the day. Each section of the day is dedicated to the same princples to create a routine. While each day that block may have variances, it keeps a routine in place.

1st block- Getting Ready for the Day

This block mostly consists of our normal daily routine. Get out of bed, use the potty, have breakfast, brush our teeth, get dressed and pick up our rooms. Pretty simple and straight forward. I tend to meal prep on Sundays for easy breakfast during the week, but now that i have a little extra time in the morning, I try to get a run in before the kids get up and fix a little more traditional breakfast.

2nd block

Morning Playtime. I’m letting our boys enjoy the first free time of their day, having fun in their play room. I try to push one section of toys each day. For example, today we are going to play with kinetic sand, while tomorrow we will play with cars and tracks, while the next day they may get to play with their kitchen set up. This gives my husband and I a chance to work. I also make sure the kids have juice and snacks available.

3rd block

Since we get up around 6 every morning, we usually do lunch pretty early, at like 11:00. I keep lunch simple, a sandwich and fruit or veggies. Then… its down for a nap. We love naps. Once the kids are down, I use the rest of my “lunch break” to do a sweep of the house, picking up and cleaning and laying out supper.

4th block

Lesson time. Whether it’s working in their tracing letters books, craft time, or a science experiment with Dad, this is when we try to sneak in the educational activities. Dad, the teacher, takes over here so I can work.

5th block

RECESS! Outside play time to get all of the energy out. So, friends have said our backyard is a kids paradise (swing set, trampoline, soccer set up, and play house); the kids love playing outside.

6th Block

Again, keeping with our normal routine, this block is pretty simple and straight forward. Dinner, bath, book, and bed.

i know we aren’t forcing our kids to sit down and learn learn learn. However, they are three and four. I want to make their learning fun and more educational play to help develop their motor skills and imagination play.

This is our game plan for taming the chaos. What is your family doing to keep things sane?

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