Project Healthy

Towards the end of 2019, I began working with an amazing nutritionist, Laura. Laura is like that awesome girl that just cheers you on but also checks you while she’s doing so. While fighting PCOS, pituitary/thyroid issues, and a pretty hectic lifestyle, losing weight has been incredibly difficult for me. So far, I have lost a massive…. 12 lbs. Yes. I know. That is pretty sad for several months work. However, losing weight is VERY hard for me. My blood work is showing much better however.

Since Thursday is my check in day, I’ve decided to also track my progress here with my amazing followers.

Beginning Check in stats:

Weight: 255 Miles Walked/Ran: 10 Miles (Weekly Goal) Size 18 Pants XXL shirts

Please be supportive and if you can’t be, please be silent.

5 thoughts on “Project Healthy

  1. You got this! You may not feel like 12 pounds was “enough” for the time frame, but you’re headed in the right direction so make sure to give yourself the credit you deserve. It’s getting toward that weather that makes it so easy to enjoy being active outside, too. Sunshine and progress here we come ☀️

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  2. It looks as if 12 pounds is 5% of your weight. That is amazing. My doctor thinks I should only aim for 1/2 to 1 pound a week, so you are right on the money. Way to go girl!


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