Real Self Care

Bubble baths and face masks,fancy wines and chocolate splurges, new clothes and lots of make up- we try to make this the face of self care. Yet this is self indulgence NOT self care. Self care is making sure you take the down time your mental health needs. It’s sitting down to focus on your finances to make sure that you stay on track for a healthy financial future. It’s making sure that you drink your water, eat your veggies and get your exercise. Self care is literally making sure your needs are a priority. So why is this a new trend it seems? Because in the last two decades humanity as a whole has shifted more than ever before. We are more rushed, have more demands, and less free time than EVER before. We are constantly accessible by call, text, messenger, social media. We are constantly reminded of the picturesque life we are meant to be living, the amazing careers we are meant to have, the fancy homes that look like they are right out of Southern Living, the nights out, the magazine cover photos. It’s all so much that we are expected to live up to. So why?? To post it on social media at the expense of yourself because you are what ends up being sacrificed to make all the rest work.

So here are my top ten self care items for the new year!

  1. Make your mental health a priority- Whether you need to take a day off to catch up or catch your breath, make sure your anxiety meds are filled, or simple take a little bit of time each day to yourself to keep it all together, make this a priority. Mental exhaustion is real and it can severely effect your life.
  2. Limit social media- Seriously. Social media is one of thee things in this world that has gotten out of control. We spend time scrolling when we should be doing other things. We make people that aren’t ACTUALLY in our lives priorities over the people that are. We use the platforms to be offended by others and to argue and fuss more than bringing each other together. It’s all too much. For me, I deleted most of mine all together. I occasionally will download facebook when I have a reason to hop on but almost always regret it immediately.
  3. Realistic expectations- Keep your expectations about the things and people in your life realistic. Don’t expect every aspect to be Pinterest perfect. Live in the moment and accept it for what it is.
  4. Handle your finances- This is one that most people don’t consider self care but it is. As adults, we have to have this part of our life together. Sit down and create a budget, figure out a plan, keep track of where you are through out the month. When you have a handle on where your finances are, you can make better decisions, reduce your stress, and begin to build your future.
  5. Take time for your home- Cook dinner got your family, make sure you schedule time to clean, catch up on that laundry and then- PUT IT AWAY. Keep your home a safe haven from the world that you want to go to, rather than a place you want to avoid because of all the work that you know needs to be done.
  6. Leave work at work- Separate work and home. Don’t spend more than ten minutes talking about your work day. Work already takes up so much of your day, don’t bring it home with you too!
  7. Put the phone away- Spend time in the moment with out the chains of your phone. It is truly liberating when you can enjoy life without your phone nearby. Go to town with out it. Put it on its charger by your door when you get home, put it on silent and leave it there. You’ll quickly find that life with out it is so much better.
  8. Take care of your body- You only have one. Make your body and your health a priority. Get check ups, take your vitamins, drink enough water. Take care of yourself!!!!
  9. Set your priorities- This is an obvious thing that we say we will do but …. do we ever??? My priorities are my family, my self, my career, my education.
  10. Give yourself grace- So often we are harder on ourselves than anyone else in life. You are allowed to give yourself grace!!!!!

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