Is your friend struggling???

I recently had a few different conversations with friends that shared how there were struggling. Each situation unique, but all the same- they struggled with anxiety, depression and mental well-being. Nothing that needed them to seek treatment but they were definitely struggling.

I began thinking how if they had just had a regular illness everyone would have showered them with meals, and help. Yet, when it’s something of the mental health realm, then they are treated like they are carrying the plague. Why?? Are we afraid to catch anxiety???

We need to be there for our friends that are struggling with mental health just like we are when they are struggling with physical health.

Here is the recipe for the self care boxes I put together :

To Relax:

2 face mask, bath bombs, and a candle

To Veg Out:

Snacks, 3 magazines, popcorn with cute container for Netflix marathons

To Get Healthy:

Water, a multivitamin for stress, melatonin for sleep

In Case She Has To Leave The House:

Big sunglasses and a fancy scarf to cover her head

When you see someone struggling, don’t pass judgement. Jump in and help them!

One thought on “Is your friend struggling???

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Somehow we have gotten the strange idea that we are all to feel upbeat all of the time. That might be the ideal world for drug companies, but it isn’t real life. Each year we have a healing service at church and anyone can come forward for prayer. 95% of the congregation goes forward. We all carry pain and we have no reason to judge anyone else.


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