Twists in the Road

On a random whim, I reached out to my former reproductive endocrinologist, the one we walked away from two years ago. When my RE requested we come in, I was almost aggrivated. It took me over a week to make the appointment. Yet, I found myself walking through those beautiful glass doors.

The staff that had come to make me feel so uncomfortable where no longer there. Instead it was smiling and supportive faces. My doctor seemed to be more laid back, open and candid. While I though we were going in to discuss embryo donation, the conversation turned.

So, yesterday, I notified my team to our decisions to move forward with another round. I would love to say I’m determined, hopeful and excited but I am still extremely guarded at this time. I just simply do not want any regrets when I look back at my life.

In the mean time, meaning the time between now and when we have this scheduled, we have several other items to knock out and make work. It’s going to be a journey of determination and fight for sure. Any prayers are certainly welcomed.

But here we are. Once again. Willing to take on this battle for the chance of having a little family of our own.

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