God Loves That Girl You Hate

God loves you. He also loves your enemy. Stop and consider the depth of that.

A few years ago I noticed a girl began to post scripture on her social media. It was continuous and specific scriptures about how much God loved her, how her sins were forgiven, how she was special. I actually loved the posts. Then I started reading the words she wrote. It was all about her. As though she was the only one these scriptures could be about and using them to attack others. And that broke my heart.

We can most definitely use scripture to pick us up, build us up and help us overcome our negative sinful selves. However, God gave ALL of us those scriptures. Not just you, not just your family, not just your chosen friends, not just people in the same place in life as you.

God gave those scriptures to the drug addict that resorted to prostitution. God gave those scriptures to the rich women who seem to have the perfect lives. He gave them to the girl across the street. He gave them to your best friend. He gave them to your enemies too.

When I began reading scriptures in that way it was incredibly humbling. God loves me, but he loves you exactly the same. Gods forgiven my sins and shortcomings, it He’s forgiven yours just the same. God has given me a fresh start every single morning, but He gives you the exact same. If God is gracious enough to give us that opportunity, why would we not give one another the same?

God says to love others as He has loved us. Why do we always forget that part???

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