Preconceived Perceptions

Have you ever looked at someone and assumed you had them all summed up. Perhaps it was someone you had just met, or maybe someone you knew a long time ago that has reentered your life in some way. It might even be your best friend. Whoever it is, have you ever considered you might be completely wrong?

Let’s break this down before we get into it. I’ve listed below Webster’s definition of preconceived and perceptions.

 perception: the way you think about or understand someone or something

preconceive: to form (an opinion) prior to actual knowledge or experience

So a preconceived perception is forming your opinion about someone or something prior to actual knowledge and experience. So basically, making an ass of yourself by thinking you know everything before you really know anything at all.

So why do we do this? I think part of it is just human  nature. We perceive someone to be something based on our own experiences. But there is so much more to everything and every person than we can even see. Look at yourself for example. How many different parts are there to you? When you are at work, are you the ambitious woman who has it all together? At home are you the laidback homemaker? With your friends, do you play the same role in every friendship? I know that I have friends that I turn to and lean on more and I have some friends that I’m the encourager and supportive one. I have friends that are more geared towards activities that we do together and some more reliant on that emotional connection. There are so many different aspects to each person and our experience with them is only one.

So instead of relying on your preconceived perceptions of someone, why not give them the opportunity to show you all of who they actually are. Just saying.

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