Is It Fall Yet?

Only just a handful of days left until my most favorite time of the year! Pumpkins and mums, football and scarves, leggings and flannel, coffee and well… more coffee, and most importantly of all.. it’s time for the Canton Flea Market y’all.

-I think it’s something about the excitement of something new, something laid back, something that makes you crave the feelings of home. A simple time of year buzzing with activities. The fair, pumpkin patches, trips to the mountains, picking apples, bonfires, and football. And let’s not forget… we can actually breath again once the temperatures begin to fall.

I know that fall is about the beginning of the end of the leaves and flowers and everything is dying and withering away but I always felt it was so much more of a beginning than any other time of the year.

Only a few more days…

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