10 Things About Me

  1. I’m married! We’ve been married for just over 10 years. You’ll hear me talk about the husband a good bit I’m sure. Most of my life revolves around taking care of him as much as he swears it doesn’t. He forgot how to do anything in this house the day we got married!
  2. We have 2 dogs, Emmy and Dolly.
  3. We are a foster family. We have foster 6 little’s in our time as foster parents.
  4. I spent years going through fertility treatments. I feel like a pro at this point. We are now exploring embryo adoption.
  5.  I have a tiny immediate family and a big extended family. My cousins are more like my sisters and frankly I don’t know what I would do without them.
  6. I have a career, not just a job.
  7. I’m from the south and I love the word y’all. My Daddy told me to stop using the word y’all years ago, when I was in college. I wrote him a three page paper on the word. He still hates it. I’m not changing.
  8. I’m a full time returning college student, determined to finish my BA. I’m in my senior year at Mississippi State University.
  9. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have tried to hide it, cover it up, pretend I don’t even have a heart but y’all I just can’t. It’s there. I’ve decided to simply embrace it.
  10. I’m on a journey to create the life I have dreamed of. I am loving every heart break and every celebration.

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