Lies BS and other Things We Tell Ourselves

My weight doesn’t bother me.

I’m never speaking to her again.

I’m not going to compare myself to others.

I don’t care what they are doing with their life.

I’m REALLY happy.

Why do we tell ourselves this stuff? Why do we proclaim things we know are bs? I’m never eating carbs again? Really? Because those roasted potatoes covered in olive oil and Italian dressing are going on my plate. I don’t care if my diet started today- they are. We constantly say shit both to ourselves and to others we know *and they know* is bullshit. Let’s be real for a minute. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes we take thingscout on the people that are closest to us and feel like crap about it later. Sometimes we care what someone from our past is doing. Sometimes we use other people as a bar that we compare ourselves again. Is it messed up? Pretty much but it happens and we all do it. And if you are sitting there shaking your pretty little head saying nope not me then you need to open your eyes to your own bullshit.

Today… I’m not happy. Today is a hard day and I’m feisty. Today is one of those days that I really want to tell people what I really think. Today is one of those days I took an extra anxiety pill because my truth is that I have to take them everyday. Not everyday looks like this. Some days I spout the lovely bullshit that I need to say to get myself through the day. Today… is one of those days I need a punching bag and a stereo.

Real life is full of bullshit and other lies we tell ourselves to get through each day.

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