Simple Ways

Growing up I always expected to work for the big company. You had better pay, better hours, better benefits. I was taught you buy food at the grocery store and could trust the men in the back cutting your meat, or the ladies in the bakery making your bread. We were so excited when Walmart appeared on the scene because they had everything, and those prices! However, somewhere things went from this is great to this sucks. And y’all. . . It does!!!

I am seeking out farmers and old school butchers to buy my meat from.  I have farmers that know me by name that I buy my produce from. My dairy lady pulls a truck full of milk from the farm to my farmers market. She knows my name, my husband and my father in law. I know I can trust her because my father in law delivers their tractors and has seen their operation. She tells me things like the chocolate milk goes bad faster than the white and the white cheddar is sharper than the yellow. I buy seafood from the docks and make my own bread. I grow my own herbs and grind my own seasoning. I want as few hands on my food as possible.

Big business has lost touch with the fact that their customers are more than just numbers. We are people. Actual human beings with health that depends on not only what we put in our bodies but what we use around them. I am not even touching on customer service because that is a totally different horse, but companies stop caring.

I want my insurance agent to know my property, I want my realtor to know me by name, and I want my banker to not need my identification when I walk in. I want our future teachers to understand that when I request a conference it’s so we can work together and not complain that they are not qualified. I want the old school. I want the personal approach. I want a simple life.

Big government, big business, and technology has made it too easy to lose touch with the person. Give me the simple days and the simple ways. That’s the life I’m chasing.

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