Deep Water

We all go through moments in life where we feel like we are standing in deep water and at any moment we could go under. It seems so insane how quickly we can walk from high dry ground to the flood waters sometimes. Whether its something personal, or professional, something within our families or our … More Deep Water

Real Self Care

Bubble baths and face masks,fancy wines and chocolate splurges, new clothes and lots of make up- we try to make this the face of self care. Yet this is self indulgence NOT self care. Self care is making sure you take the down time your mental health needs. It’s sitting down to focus on your … More Real Self Care

Creating Traditions

This is our first true Christmas with littles. This will be our first Christmas eve, our first Christmas morning, our first Santa, and I AM IN LOVE! One of the things that has stood out to me the most is how easy it has been to create the traditions we want to carry out. Elf … More Creating Traditions

Fix It

We see the world, ourselves, those around us the way that we choose to see them. We see them the way we feel most internally, whether we are conscious of it or not. The way that we feel about ourselves will be what we put out into the world. Is the way you see yourself … More Fix It